Along Calderia Vieja and Calderia Nueva, twisting antique lanes climb the hill into the heart of the old Muslim district of the Albaizín, where Arab shops offer handmade crafts from Morocco, sweets from Jerusalem, and pungent Arabian spices. Softly lit tea houses promise mint tea and water pipes, evoking the hospitality of ancient Persia.

Not just a tea room

Unlike the typical English tea room patron, who is likely to be quietly reserved and conservatively dressed, in a tetería you can expect to see many young people, both native Spanish and foreign. The informal, relaxed atmosphere attracts people from all walks of life, including many students. Granada is an important University City and during term time almost 25% of the population is represented by students.

Teterías at Albaizyn

The historic quarter of El Albaizyn in Granada, where our hostel is located is home to many teterías, so as well as soaking up the atmosphere of centuries past in the Alhambra and other monuments of worldwide historic importance, you can also stop off for refreshments in one of these delightful establishments. The inside of a teteria is typically done in a Moroccan style, with an atmospheric courtyard filled with North African-style furnishings and pillows. Mint tea is always a good bet at the teteria, though the tea offerings are usually much more extensive; at some places you can even get smoothies and Mediterranean munchies. Another great aspect of the teteria are the little Moroccan pastries on offer, which transported us to the Djemaa al Fna.

The majority of tea-rooms in Granada can be found on Calle Calderería Nueva, this street is known as La Calle de las Teterias the street is literally lined with tea-rooms but here are some of the most famous ones.

Visiting these teterias can be a highlight of your visit to Granada, and they definitely will transport you to another era of Spain’s history. Whether you are looking to hide out from the punishing sun, or get some munchies, when you are in Andalusia you have to make sure to stop by a teteria for the full experience.

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