The heath has arrived to the Alhambra city. The small streets of the Albaizyn are full of small corners where people find shelter from the strong sun. The terraces are filled with Granadinos and visitors just enjoying a good cold beer and a tasty fresh tapa.

Summer fills every corner of Granada with culture. You can get soaked in with tons of music, dance, movies, and many summer festivals that are held all over the city.

Also, there are plenty of public pools and water parks if you are in the mood of a good cold dip in the water to forget about the intense heath. And at night, a fresh terrace with good views, a good movie in one of the many summer theaters around the city or just enjoy a nice walk.

Here, we will give you some really good options to enjoy the city during the summer:

Sierra Nevada:

The natural park of Sierra Nevada is not only to enjoy during winter and ski season. It also opens during the summer offering a lot of options for the adventurers. From trekking, hiking, paragliding. You name it, if you like extreme sports or only to enjoy beautiful sceneries, this is your place for the season.

From Pradollano, the main town of the ski and mountain station, you can start a lot of hiking routes of every level of difficulty and even use the cableway to reach those highest points in the mountain.

Another interesting spot to visit is Hoya de la mora with beautiful nature and sceneries to enjoy. If you are lucky you can even spot some mountain goats along the way.

Once the snow has melted, it is impressive how rich is the nature up there and all the amazing activities to enjoy.

Learn flamenco:

An interesting idea for this summer could be to join one of the numerous flamenco schools of the city and learn from well-known choreographs, guitar players and dancers of Granada everything there is to know about this amazing, well international recognized Spanish dance.

Many of the well-known academies in the city are not available for tourist during school season since they are always teaching locals. The good news is that during summer, when kids and locals are in holidays, they open their doors for tourist. So, do not miss the chance of becoming a professional dancer or guitar player with the bests in the city.

We will leave you here some of the best flamenco schools there are:

Escuela Internacional de Flamenco “Manolete” La Chumbera (Albaicín-Sacromonte)

Camino del Sacromonte, s/n Granada

958 223 495


Escuela “Carmen de las Cuevas” (Albaicín-Sacromonte)

Cuesta de los Chinos, 15 Granada

958 221 062

Contradanza Granada

Gran Vía de Colón 36 Granada

679 09 09 79


Escuela de Flamenco y Danza Lucía Guarnido (Zona Centro)

Callejón de Antonino 4 Bajo Izquierda (Lateral del Palacio de los Patos) Granada

958 255 662

Summer theaters in Granada:

Discover the magic of watching a movie in one of the summer theaters in Granada. This is the perfect excuse to not only watch a good movie, but also to meet cool new friends. When the sun sets, and the nights are cooler, there a are some theatres that open their doors so people can enjoy a good movie session. Do not miss this fantastic experience to enjoy a true “Noche granadina”. Do not forget to bring pop corns and sweets.

We will leave here some of the coolest places to catch a movie during the summer nights:

Cinema Plaza

Plaza de las Culturas de Caja Granada. Museo Caja Granada.

Every Tuesday from June 28th until July 26th at 22.00.

Free entrance until the place is complete.

Museo Cuevas del Sacromonte

A great opportunity also to get to know a true gypsy cave, one of the most touristic thigs to do in Granada.

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays of July, august and first half of September starting at 22.00

Entrance: 3,50€

As you can see, There are plenty of great options to enjoy in the city during the summer season so, do not miss the opportunity. Granada will be waiting for you.

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